Benefits of Running An
Approved Day Home


  • You receive government wage enhancement based on qualifications and certification.
  • You receive assistance in setting up your home and an educator information binder.
  • The agency receives referrals and will connect you with families requiring care. You can accept families eligible for subsidy and respite childcare.
  • The agency administers contracts between educators and parents, collects fees from parents and pays educator monthly.
  • You are covered for an additional $5 million liability for a cost of $25 a month.
  • You are self-employed and will be eligible for certain tax benefits. 
  • Parents can request back-up care from the agency when you are unable to work.
  • A consultant will make regular visits to your home to offer encouragement, guidance, support and resources.
  • The agency offers at least 6 opportunities for provider training and networking each year. We also organize registration for the annual educator conference in Edmonton.
  • Resources such as training modules from the Alberta Family Childcare Association can be borrowed from the agency.
  • Once you have at least one child in care you will be required to complete level 1 which can be done online, free of charge. The agency also has information regarding level 2 and 3 courses. 

As a family day home program educator, you:

  • may care for up to 6 children in your home, not including your own children
  • get support from consultants
  • participate in networking opportunities with other family day home educators
  • access childcare training and other professional development opportunities
  • enable eligible families to qualify for childcare subsidy to help meet the costs of childcare
  • will receive home visits from licensed family day home agency staff to ensure the safety of your program
  • may qualify for wage top-up funding
  • can have agency staff help place children in your care
  • receive assistance from an agency to collect parent fees