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Agency Mission Statement


Why Choose Us?

Under the Early Learning and Child Care Act and Regulation, licensed family day home Agencies recruit, monitor and train family day home Educators who then offer child care from their home.

Professionally Trained Consultants

Family day home Agencies employ consultants to work closely with both family day home Educators and Parents to support the safety and well-being of children in their Educators care. Agency staff are certified at minimum as a Level 2 Early Childhood Educator. They are responsible for recruiting, training and monitoring family day home Educators for compliance to the family day home standards.

Licensed Day Homes

Licensed Agencies help by offering family day home program Educators a network for training, resources and assistance. Agencies provide assurance to Parents using family day homes by monitoring each home to ensure they are meeting health, safety and program quality standards for children in their care as prescribed under the Family Day Home Standards and the act.

About Us

Our Agency is contracted with the provincial government to recruit and supervise family day homes. This involves approving new homes, supervising homes in operation and connecting children in need of care to appropriate homes. Agency staff ensure that Agency, Provincial Standards are being maintained and that current research and emerging best practices meet the health and safety needs of the children. Our Agency also administers the contracts between Parents and Educators, collects the fees from Parents and pays the Educator. We provide regular training and support sessions for our Educators as well as one on one in-home consulting during regular visits.

Meet Our Team

Surjit Sandu


Michelle Hill

Assistant Director/ Consultant Leduc County

Megan Cragg

Assistant Director/ Consultant Sherwood Park

Lana LaBoucane

Accounts and Administration

MJ Caron

Leduc County

Jamie Scott

Leduc County

Della Beck

Consultant Sherwood Park

Holly Boorse

Consultant Sherwood Park

Karissa George

Consultant Sherwood Park

How to Choose Your Day Home

When Parents phone or visit the office requesting childcare, an intake is conducted in order to gather some pertinent information which will assist us in finding you a suitable day home for your family. Suitable Educators are then contacted by the Agency to see whether or not they are interested in the potential placement. Parents are then given the Educator(s) name and phone number(s). It is then the Parent’s responsibility to contact the Educator(s) and make arrangements to meet for an interview and see the residence.

Meet Your Educator

When you call us looking for childcare, we will refer you to a day home Educator in your area. We will set up a meeting for you to meet the potential Educator and visit the home.

Ensure Your Comfortable

​We want to ensure that you find someone with similar parenting styles to care for our child(ren). If you are not sure, we will keep looking until you find the right fit for your family.

Meals and Snacks

Discuss with the Educator what lunches and snacks they will be providing. If you have specific dietary needs, ask if they can accommodate your child.


In some cases, you may be looking for a day home Educator who is able to drive your children to and from school. ​Discuss with the Educator whether or not this option would fit into their schedule.

Daily Routine's

When you enter your Educators home you will find a copy of their daily routine and your Educators program planning. Their daily routine will outline a general idea of what happens in their day; each daily routine will ensure children are able to hit all developmental milestones including emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative/social development. Their program planning will give you a look into what your Educator plans for your children’s experiences for the month such as; sensory play, art, block, and dramatic play, and so much more.

Surjit Sandhu

Surjit graduated from university of Alberta in 1980 along side raising a family with three young children.  After working at Yellowhead Youth Centre as child care counsellor , she got a job with University of Alberta’s staff daycare  on part time basis. In 1985 University closed the centre for lack of space and Surjit got the opportunity to work as a licensing officer with day care licensing branch. This was a great learning experience which enabled her to take the next big step of joining Leduc Strathcona Services for Children in 1993. Surjit is a strong believer of small group size child care. 

Michelle Hill

Michelle graduated from the University of Alberta with her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  She taught for ten years in schools highlighting Indigenous education before making the decision to open a day home with Leduc Strathcona Services for Children in 2008 after her second child was born. Michelle then moved into a Consultant role with the agency in February of 2015.  She now splits her time between her Assistant Director duties and her role as a Consultant. 

Michelle enjoys interacting with the children during her visits and supporting Educators in creating and maintaining quality day home environments.  When not working, she spends time with her family which includes cheering her children on at their various after school activities including hockey and basketball. 

Megan Cragg

Megan graduated from Grant MacEwan University in 2008 with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She began working with children and families immediately after as an Early Childhood Educator in downtown Edmonton. Megan dedicated the first 7 years of her career to working with children of varying ages and stages of development before making the decision to branch out. She transitioned to what was formerly known as Parent Link in 2014 and spent a year covering a maternity leave with the Family and Community Services Department in Strathcona County. During that time she was fortunate to obtain additional training that has aided her as a Consultant with LSSC.

Megan joined the Leduc-Strathcona Services for Children team in November 2015 as a Consultant. She now oversees multiple roles within the agency that include caseload management as well as a wide array of accounting and administrative duties.

Since joining the agency in 2015 Megan has become a Mom to her brilliant, outgoing, feisty daughter. You will usually find Megan with her daughter outside in nature building Fairy houses, hiking trails and looking for the Gruffalo.

Lana LaBoucane

Lana started her early childhood career in 1998 by running a day home and did this for ten years.  As a single mother, she was motivated by the opportunity to have a home-based business and be a stay-at-home mom to her son. In conjunction with being an independent hair stylist, she learned a lot about managing her own business. Later, her passions led to a mentorship role. Under the guidance of Bonnie Renalds, Lana worked for the children’s indigenous-led program through the LaSalle House while still running her day home.

Lana started with the LSSC team in the summer of 2017 and taking on the role of Accounts and Administration. Lana is community and team orientated. She loves to collaborate by coming up with new ideas to provide resources for working parents and continuously encouraging educators who are running their own businesses.

In her off hours, she loves spending time with friends and family and takes every opportunity to visit the mountains.

MJ Carron

Hi, I’m MJ Caron
I have a Degree in Chemistry but when I moved in Canada I found my passion in working with
children, so I pursued my career in ELCC. I have been with the Agency for almost 13 years as an
Educator and a Consultant.
Being a Consultant, I enjoy listening to children’s stories about everything they did in the
day home.  I love to support our Educators to maintain quality childcare in a loving and nurturing environment.
I enjoy plants and gardening.

Jamie Scott

Jamie graduated from Grant MacEwan University with her Early Learning and Childcare diploma in 2009. She right away began working for the City of Beaumont Childcare for 11 years, where she was nominated and became a finalist in 2012 for the Child Care Award of Excellence but, took home the win in 2013 for Rural After School Care. She made the decision to transition to a day home educator after her second maternity leave and ran her day home for 2 years. Jamie now works for Leduc Strathcona services as a consultant and enjoys being able to continue to connect with the children in the community and their educators. She finds it incredibly rewarding to be an advocate for the field and continue her education and knowledge within in the Alberta Flight Curriclum and just received her certificate for the Grant Macewan Flight program and recently graduated from the Wonder-led Certification program.

Jamie enjoys family time with her husband, two sons, Nixon and Kyler, and her two dogs, Bruno and Ted. She loves to take mountain getaways with the family to hike, explore different restaurants and unplug and connect. Jamie grew up in the world of competitive dance and was lucky enough to travel and dance in various places in the United States and Canada, Spain, Hong Kong, and even dance for the King of Thailand.

Della Beck

Della joined the Agency as an Educator in 2011.  She had been operating a very successful, private day home for a number of years. She loved the professionalism, training and support that joining the agency provided.  She joined the office staff and became a consultant in 2021.  The transition has been wonderful, and Della truly enjoys being a support to her Educators.  Having done their job herself, for so many years, gives Della a unique perspective.  When not working, Della is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 grown children. 

Holly Boorse

Holly Graduated from Early Childhood Education, at Grant MacEwan, in 2006.  After Graduating she worked in day care as an Educator and worked her way up to becoming a Director  for a period of time.   After getting married and starting a family Holly stayed home raising their two children.   When her children started school full-time she returned to the workforce and started here at Leduc-Strathcona Services for Children as a Day Home Consultant in 2017.

                Holly enjoys the balance of the Consultant position with being able to interact with the children, supporting the Educators/families and working in the office with the other knowledgeable staff members.  In Holly’s spare time she enjoys getting together with family and friends playing games, camping, and fishing.

Karissa George

Karissa moved to Edmonton in the fall of 2010 from rural southeastern Saskatchewan to pursue her education in the early childhood world. After graduating in 2012 from Grant MacEwan Early Learning and Child Care, she went to work at the City of Beaumont Child Care Centre.

Upon having her second child, Karissa decided to open a dayhome, making the transition with Leduc Strathcona Services for Children. She has continued throughout the years to advocate for her field and continuously educate herself, receiving her Special Needs Education Assistant Certificate, as well as completing Flight and various other trainings to stay current with the Alberta Curriculum and Pedagogy.

Karissa has a great passion for her family and enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, Grayson and Pryce. They often spend time as a family and have adventure days, exploring the city. They also spend time heading to Saskatchewan to spend time with family.