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Why Choose Us

Under the Early Learning and Child Care Act and Regulation, licensed family day home agencies recruit, monitor and train family day home educators who then offer child care from their home.

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About Us

Our agency is contracted with the provincial government to recruit and supervise family day homes. This involves approving new homes, supervising homes in operation and connecting children in need of care to appropriate homes. Agency staff ensure that agency, provincial standards are being maintained and that current research and emerging best practices meet the health and safety needs of the children. Our agency also administers the contracts between parents and educators, collects the fees from parents and pays the educator. We provide regular training and support sessions for our educators as well as one on one in-home consulting during regular visits.

How to Choose Your Day Home

When parents phone or visit the office requesting childcare, an intake is conducted in order to gather some pertinent information which will assist us in finding you a suitable day home for your family. Suitable educators are then contacted by the agency to see whether or not they are interested in the potential placement. Parents are then given the educator(s) name and phone number(s). It is then the parent's responsibility to contact the educator(s) and make arrangements to meet for an interview and see the residence.

Meet Your Educator

When you call us looking for childcare, we will refer you to a day home Educator in your area. We will set up a meeting for you to meet the potential educator and visit the home.

Ensure Your Comfortable

​We want to ensure that you find someone with similar parenting styles to care for our child(ren). If you are not sure, we will keep looking until you find the right fit for your family.

Meals and Snacks

Discuss with the educator what lunches and snacks they will be providing. If you have specific dietary needs, ask if they can accommodate your child.


In some cases, you may be looking for a day home educator who is able to drive your children to and from school. ​Discuss with the educator whether or not this option would fit into their schedule.

Daily Routine's

Talk to the educator about daily activities, how they will spend their day and field trips. ​Look for a bright welcoming home environment, a child friendly atmosphere with children's artwork displayed and a positive interaction between the educator and your child.


Leduc Office

Approved Family Day Homes in:
Leduc, Beaumont, Calmar, Thorsby, Warburg, Parkland County, and Devon areas

Phone: (780) 986-3993
Address:  #101- 4806 47 Ave
​Leduc AB

Sherwood Park Office

​Approved Family Day Homes in:
Sherwood Park, Cooking Lake, New Serepta and Edmonton Areas

Phone: (780) 464-5803
Address: 203-937 Fir Street
​Sherwood Park